Virginia Bible College Scholarship Application


Scholarship Information and Application Instructions


This scholarship is designed to help support Grace Church students in their education program at the Virginia Bible College.  This scholarship is student-need based.  The reward will be applied to the VBC tuition to support the student’s education.


Awards will be made in the amount of $300.00 per student, per semester. One scholarship will be awarded each semester. 


When an award is made to a student, the funds will be placed in an account specifically for that student at the Virginia Bible College Scholarship account. A recipient of this scholarship will have one academic year in which to apply his or her award towards the tuition.


Requirements for receiving the scholarship:


  • Students who have been a Grace Ambassador for six months and

    • Officially admitted to Virginia Bible College.

    • Students who have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

    • Students who have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and a commitment to community involvement.

    • Student issued transcript.


Letter of application must include the statement and items below:


Please submit a typed personal statement titled “Virginia Bible College Scholarship.” The statement should be 500 words in length and include:


  • Reason for Applying

  • Career objectives

  • Community service in which you may have been involved

  • Special honors and awards you may have earned

  • Outside activities and family commitments

  • Other personal information which you would like to share


Scholarship applications for the any given award year will be due on the 5th day of the month preceding the month that the semester begins (i.e, July 5th for Fall; December 5th for Spring; May 5th for Summer).  Scholarship applications should be addressed to Virginia Bible College Scholarship Committee, c/o Dr. Shennell January, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.


Scholarships applications will be reviewed by the Committee and awards will be granted no later than two weeks after submission deadline.


Accountability of students who receive the award:


Students who receive the award will write a letter to the Virginia Bible College Scholarship committee giving an account of their activities and learning experiences related to receiving the award. These letters will be due no later than one year following the date of their award. [For example, a student who receives the award in January 18, 2015, will submit a letter to the Virginia Bible College Scholarship Committee on or before January 18, 2016.]


These letters should be submitted to the Virginia Bible College Scholarship Committee, c/o Dr. Shennell January, Vice President of Academic Affairs.  These letters will be shared with Dr. Derek Grier, President of Virginia Bible College.



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